Nexen Tyres Platinum Tyre and Exhaust Tyre ServicesKnowing that they are able to offer customers the services of a skilled and experienced technician, Chris and Jamie moved their focus on to the facilities.

The workshop has been fitted with brand new equipment which allows Jamie to carry out work to the highest standard and in very short periods of time. Having equipped the workshop the next step was to source suppliers. Platinum Tyre & Exhaust can get any brand of tyre for any make of car or light commercial vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes. However, they are the main local dealer for Nexen tyres which are widely regarded as a quality tyre at a budget price. There are no other dealers offering Nexon tyres within ten miles.

Chris and Jamie are delighted to be able to offer Nexen tyres as they fit perfectly with their ethos of great value and service. Nexen tyres sold by Platinum come with a life-time guarantee against accidental damage and all brands of tyre that Platinum sell and fit come with free puncture repair for the life of the tyre. This really does give customers great peace of mind knowing that whatever may happen they will always be looked after by Platinum Tyre & Exhaust. Please click here for our NEXEN tires deal.